Saturday, May 22, 2010

Until just recently I didn't put much thought into what I ate, or where my food came from. After watching the documentary Food Inc. I gotta say I am a changed person. I decided to be a flexitarian, yes I, I can't give up meat entirely b/c I am a farm girl, and was raised on all the good stuff that is provided by the animals. But I am now making a conscious decision not to buy meat, only from farmers markets or from what is provided on my grampa's farm, or surrounding locals. Now let me say, the first week that I gave up all the "bad stuff" I had a craving for KFC like a hot damn! but I persevered! Now that I make a conscious effort to know what I am eating, it has definitely made me think! I know, I sound like such a food thumper? lol, but really, the horrible living conditions that the animals have to experience is SO NOT my cup of tea. Would you want to live cramped in a dark building, waiting to die? I think they make horror movies like that!

Ok Ok enough of my rant, I just felt I needed to put that down since its such a part of me Food Inc!!!


G n C said...

I have given up KFC now going over 4 years due to something i saw...keep it up and just remember why you gave it up and eventually..the cravings do go away...and you WILL NEVER eat there again! I know that i wont!

J-L said...

YAY! First comment, thank you! Good for you for giving up KFC! Seriously if they had better living conditions for the chickens, and didn't pump the them full of hormones and antibiotics, it would be ok, but after watching Food Inc, and seeing that chickens are now growing at the rapid rate to adult hood in one month instead of 3, and they can't even walk b/c of their over sized breasts, b/c of the demand for white meat, it makes me sick!