Friday, May 28, 2010

Payday Splurge

So when I am feeling down, or in need of a pick me up, I usually will splurge on something for myself on payday, you all know how it is, you really want that expensive item but truly can't afford it, but to make yourself feel better you just do it, and then immediately have buyers remorse! LOL! I probably won't eat till next payday, but what the heck, right?

Just walking into Holt Renfrew made me feel better! Honestly, I felt like Carrie from SATC when she walks into Dior while in just felt right...and after a particularly busy day at work, and enduring some not so nice co-workers, I felt I needed a pick me up! I know I sound so lame but I really did, it was either a big honkin chocolate bar or...something with less calories..... my splurge was ....

Chanel's - Aqualumiere Gloss (High Shine Sheer Concentrate) # 68 Candy Glow

With GST included this lip gloss cost me $32.55...pretty steep I must say, but its all in the name of love for Chanel!

And the answer is yes, I know what the ingredients are, but today I just didn't care! I am one of those people who read the ingredients on everything, and if there is so much as one word I don't know or cannot pronounce, I don't buy it. But come on! Its CHANEL! Just saying it makes me feel fancy! LOL!

AND HA! the Chanel lady at Holt's is such a lier! Because she said Chanel uses only exclusive ingredients with no Parabens or chemicals! Double HA! This stuff has everything from Parabens, to ethyl-something or others to *May contain* Lakes Blue 1- Red 28 - Low Lake 5? what the heck is that? LOL! Anyways, its not unicorn farts but it still looks pretty snazzy on me, a nice subtle gloss.....

Now on to the POSITIVE aspect, lol, I know I am such a gomer, I go straight to the shopping experience at Holt's was fabulous! The Chanel sales lady Destiney, was a gem! She was super helpful! She helped me put on a number of colors to see which suited me best, and then after sprayed me with my fav perfume, of course, Chanel...Coco Mademoiselle....and the best part....I left with a bag chock full of goodies!!! Elle Magazine, A Rouge Coco Lip Stick Sample Packet (it has 4 shades and a brush!) 8 perfume samples! a Lancome Mascara sample! ...oh and ya, the lip gloss I bought! Can you say score!

Overall, great payday splurge!!! Till next time....

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