Saturday, May 29, 2010

I went and seen SATC 2 with my best buddy Sandra last word....FABULOUS!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The fashion, the fun, the hot men, the comedy! It was a great movie! I won't rant about the story line and some of the things I didn't like b/c I don't want to ruin it for others or to give anything away...but I will say that some of the outfits are pretty out there, lol.

I just didn't get Carrie's crazy hat that she wears when boarding the plane to Abu Dhabi. It seriously looks like a hornet's nest on crack....or how about the weird black crown thing she wears on her head for the wedding, or the belt she wears as a necklace to Smith's movie premier....other than those three strange wardrobe accessories, the outfits were great!

There were 5 numbers that Carrie wears from Halston which were really beautiful....including the gorgeous blue dress and the cute little white number.... but then SJP is the Chief Creative Officer of Halston Heritage, so it is understandable there would be a number of those designs....

Oh and did you know that they spent $10 million dollars on wardrobe ALONE!
That's right, $10 000 000!!!! WHOA! Patricia Field must have had SO much fun with that! Oh and Carrie's closet in this movie is to die for! I want it so much!!!
Go to Pat Field's website to check out all SATC related stuff and things you can buy that are seen on the shows and movies....

I would have to say my favorite outfit from the whole movie is the purple blue Halston number. I also really enjoyed the cute ensemble she rocked when she went to the Souk in Abu Dhabi.... I know lots of people will think I am silly but I really liked it! Only Carrie can pull off a J'adore Dior t-shirt, cardigan and a huge billowing purple skirt, it was so cute!! And SO Carrie!

My favorite outfits are way higher in number from the first movie, but here are my top two choices....I just loved the black Burberry Prorsum trench......

And who didn't love their dresses from the wedding scene!!!

I found a really cool slideshow on that Annie Leibovitz shot of Carrie and Big...I must say one thing SJP and Chris Noth have is on screen chemistry, and photo shoot chemistry as well....yowza these pics are HOT!

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