Saturday, May 22, 2010

I named my blog after my two furry dependents...Coco and Poopy Kitty, P for short. Here are a few pics of them...I also have a corn snake named Sir Hiss, after Disney's Robin Hood, it was my favorite cartoon growing up, I think I wore the tape out, haha remember VHS tapes?

Poopy doing his best Yoda/Buddha expression and mad b/c he is getting sick of the flash on my camera, lol!

Coco has a thing for chewing and licking everything, understandable since she is only 5 months old...Did you know kittens teeth and lose their baby teeth?

What Mom?

Snakes are so misunderstood! Every time I tell someone I have one, they freak out! Why? He is the sweetest little thing...the only time I don't like him is when he poops, and then my whole place reeks like a stinky hobo...I have never been bitten and I have had him for over 5 yrs now...

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