Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nicholas Poussin
The Nativity, Oil on Canvas 1650s, Munich

Oh My Goodness! I have been away since September! Where has the time gone?! Why is Christmas just around the corner!? It came too fast I tell you! I really dont have much to say, other than the thought of looking at things to buy makes me kind of grumpy, real holiday spirit, eh?

I bought things through out the year to make it a bit easier when the time came to get gifts...but really, the whole tradition and point of Christmas, in my opinion has been lost. Is it not the birth of Christ that we should be celebrating? I went to the mall yesterday to pick up mice for my snake, yes I know, but he has to eat too....anyways, I was just floored by all the sales, and gimmicks to lure you into could go nuts buying things for others, and you arent even sure they will like it! I'm not gonna lie though, I love presents! Anyone who says they dont are lying, haha! Come on! Secretely they are pleased that someone thought of them and took the time to buy something and wrap it for them! But more than anything, I love GIVING presents! Wrapping them up and watching the loved one un-wrap it is SO enjoyeable!

Ok so my point being is that Christmas is losing its real value nowadays, its just about buying stuff! Stuff, stuff, stuff! I am looking forward to spending time with my family, and enjoying the fantastic meal my gramma will be making! Maybe this year I will actually pay attention and learn to make what she is cooking! And not just eat it all! ha! Ok so that is my thought for today, nothing interesting or exciting!

The painting above is one of my favorite depictions of the nativity. The painter, Nicholas Poussin captures the awe Mary and Joseph are experiencing. Can you imagine!? How would you feel if your child just born, is the world's savior! No words can describe!

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