Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh my gosh! I have been gone for so long! SO SORRY! I went on vacation to my grandparents farm for a week, and then just kind of forgot I had a blog! Oops! :P

My vacation was lovely, I spent about a week on the farm...nothing really exciting other than two of the cats had kittens, so 9 in total shared by the two momma's. So cute, they share duties; feeding, bathing...adorable! I helped my grampa pull a calf. The momma was a late one, all the cattle have had their babies by now and are already at pasture. But he kept her home so he could watch her since she is a heifer, meaning she is a first time mom. She did awesome and the baby is doing well. There were thunderstorms almost every night I was there. Some really great lightning shows! Loved it! The power went out one night while I was playing cards with my grandparents, so we were kickin it old school playing by candle light! LOL! While I was there we had a family friends wedding...beautiful weather and the most relaxing wedding I have ever been to! No muss, no fuss! So chill! It was great... Overall I had a wonderful time, but it went by way to fast!

Etsy Favorite Find

What a gorgeous ring!!!! I want!!!

Big Blue Vintage Swarovski Cabochon Ring by jorgensenstudio $64.00

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