Friday, June 04, 2010

Etsy Favorite Find

Wiggle Perfume

I found this seller a while back, and absolutely fell in love with her store! I just can't get enough of Nani's perfume oils! From the photography, to her scent descriptions, to the gorgeous picture set ups! Props to Nani for being SO creative. I just love the names she comes up with and she is very decently priced too! You can also get little sample vials to test out the scents instead of committing to a big size first... Oh and she is in a burlesque group, how cool is that!!! :) I checked her Facebook page, Tush, and it rocks! Way to be, those girls are awesome! :) and the pics look great, fantastic costumes too! My favorite is Prudence Payne, way to rock the naughty nun look! Ha!Ha! Love it!!

This is my favorite scent from Wiggle Perfume so far....I wear it all the time!

Click on the link to go to Wiggle Perfume and to check out the scent descriptions

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